7 Things President Buhari Can Learn From President Magufuli of Tanzania.

7 Things President Buhari Can Learn From President Magufuli of Tanzania.
Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor

Dr Joseph Magufuli nicknamed “the bulldozer” and referred to as Africa’s most beloved President became President of the East African country of Tanzania in October 2015,a few months after President Buhari was sworn in having received majority of votes in a keenly contested election.

Too often in Africa,exciting new leaders with a seemingly radical agenda and supposedly impeccable moral credentials have emerged promisingly only to ossify into ineffective and inefficient autocrats making mockery of the values they professed and the democratic ethos they swore to uphold.Some observers like myself have followed both Presidents Joseph Magufuli and Buhari and are compelled to suggest that President Buhari can borrow a leaf or two from Dr J Magufuli.

*President Magufuli walks the talk,he says what he means and keeps his words.He doesn’t believe that his country men and women deserve to be lied to

*He appoints only those who have the competence and intelligence to handle task.they don’t necessarily have to be his kinsmen or Party members.

*He has sacked cabinet members who have had corruption allegations levelled against them,sacked aides for wrong actions taken and wrong utterance made.He didn’t use Presidential powers to exonerate his aides so accused.

*He clamped down on foreign trips including medical for all government officials,personally vetting all trips.Monies saved to equip hospitals.meanwhile we’ve spent over N3b on the Aso villa clinic alone and we await test results from London.

*President Magufuli has maintained focus on his Pro-poor agenda and isn’t bothered about spending tax payers money funding propaganda.

*He has cut all forms of extravagance in his government and banned the serving of tea and coffee in the Presidential villa.We can’t keep budgeting billions for entertainment of visitors in Aso villa and spending N50million on Newspaper.

*Members of his family live modest lives and as promised during the campaign,his wife has remained the wife of the President cooking his meals herself.To him,keeping his words means everything to him.

While I wish President Buhari triumph over his present state of health,I am hopeful that he will impress Nigerians on his return.

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