Codes For Transferring Money From Bank Account With A Mobile Phone

Codes For Transferring Money From Bank Account With A Mobile Phone

In Nigeria the time the bankers use to attend to their customers is getting more and more intends. this is because the banks has lay off most of their workers and they only have few workers left. so attending to them as been a problem with the bankers and that is why we are trying to help you save time when doing a transaction in the bank here are  Codes For Transferring Money From Bank Account With A Mobile Phone or you can say USSD Codes for Money Transfers From Mobile Phone.

With this you do not need to go to bank and stand on a long queue,  waiting and crying, and with the code you are transfer money from the comfort of your homes without going to the bank and you can make the fund transfer at anytime; including mid night and it is secure.
1. Guaranty Trust Bank PLC – GTB
This is easy and with your phone you can initiate a mobile transfer . To transfers from a GTBank Account  to another GTBank account, dial * 737*1*Amount (money)*NUBAN Account Number# here is the example * 737 * 1 * 10000*3478904590# You are to do this from the mobile phone number that receives the bank alert, that is what is called registered with the Bank.

But if you are transferring  to another Bank you should simply

dial * 737*1*Amount (money)*NUBAN Account Number# here is the example * 737 * 2 * 10000*3478904590# You are to do this from the mobile phone number that receives the bank alert, that is what is called registered with the Bank.
NOTE: for the transaction to complete the Customers is therefore require to enter the last four digits of their GTBank Naira MasterCard in other to authenticate the transaction.
This is to inform everyone reading this article that the following transfer code * 737* is available only to GTBank customers. For security purpose GTBank can only permit the minimum  transfer limit of One thousand Naira (N1,000) and to transfer twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) as the amount you can transfer at once. While you are permitted to  Transfer N200,000  for Your daily or maybe more
2. Fidelity Bank
That of Fidelity Bank is easy, Transferring Money From Bank Account With A Mobile Phone from Fidelity bank account to another bank, is very simply just dial  * 770*NUBAN Account number*Amount#;  Here is the Example to transfer from Fidelity Bank to Another Bank like sending N1000 to a friend in First Bank Just dial * 770*6638285509*1000# you are to do this with the mobile number that is linked to the Fidelity Bank Account, that is the number that receives alert
After that you are to Select the person you are sending the money to bank Name eg (First bank).
Access bank
First bank
Diamond bank etc
Then you will be asked to Enter your transfer PIN for confirmation of  transfer. NOTE: you will have to go to Fidelity Bank and meet with the costumer officer tto activate your transfer PIN and before you put the PIN the  recipient account number will be displayed for confirmation before you can enter your PIN. with this you will be verifying the accounting number in making sure you are not sending money to a wrong account number.
or you can create your PIN by dial *770#, Enter your NUBAN Account number, and Select a 4-digit PIN for your account.
This information is very important so that you wont make any mistake. just in case you have two accounts with Fidelity bank, And one is current and the other saving account, when you are doing any transfer using the same phone number on both account, when the transfer is made your current account will be debited first, if there is no money in the current before they will start debiting your savings account.
The highest you can transfer in a single transaction is N10,000. and the highest transfer per day is N20,000
3. First Bank
The First bank, is the oldest bank in Nigeria, but many young Nigerians do not bank with First Bank because they believe is for the old people and the use of their technology has been long lost. but the truth is that First Bank has upgraded and they are pursuing technology like every other new generational banks in Nigeria. The Bank USSD codes allows you to make money transfer, also enable you  Pay Pills, also helps you make a withdrawal and make purchases.
The First Bank transfer Code is simply dial *894# then you should select 1; follow the steps after dialing the code. for withdrawal also dail *894# and select 2, also follow the steps while if you want to make purchases online you should also  dial *894# and then select 3 to follow the steps; if you want to Pay for Bill such as cable Bills (DSTV, CTEL etc) your Electricity bill you should dial *894# and then select 4; in the case of recharging your phone dial *894# and then select 5 to buy airtime for all network.
4. Wema Bank
most people do not bank in Wema but in case you are among those who have an account in Wema Bank Here is Wema Bank Transfer Code for the same bank or from one bank to another . Wema Bank customers take note for this information, to do a quick TRANSFER just dial * 322*035*NUBAN*AMOUNT#
in the case of Recharge Card, the  code only work with the phone number that is registered with the bank, that is the bank that receives alert
5 Diamond Bank
 If you should know this MTN is affiliated to Diamond bank that is why there is Y’ello Diamond, so for the Diamond Bank Y’ello account holders, to make fund Transfer to any bank the person should Dial * 710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN#.
But for those who is transferring from Diamond Y’ello to another Diamond Y’ello should Dial * 710*710*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#
6 Ecobank
Ecobank has been seen in Nigeria as a student bank due to the way the bank operate. i personally never liked Eco bank and i don’t think i will ever will. But that will not stop me for telling you their transfer code. With Ecobank Mobile Banking one can make a transfer from the comfort of their houses. From the comfort of your home banking on your mobile phone is now easy.  With Eco Bank one can Make an  instant transfers from your account to another, you can also be able to Check account balances, Pay bills such as DSTV, CTL, also Read your mini- account statements, and Buy airtime.
To get started Dial *326# and follow the steps
7 Zenith Bank
The most advance bank in Nigeria is the  Zenith Bank, and with the Zenith bank Transfer code which is 966 for Mobile Banking, it allows you to open an account without going to the bank first, to check account balance, buy airtime for your phones  and also make transfer of funds to the same or another bank account.
For you To create a bank account just dial * 966*0# and you should follow the steps on screen.
If you want to check your account balances on any of your Zenith accounts,  you just have to do the simply thing by  dialing; * 966*00#
While to load airtime dial * 904*Amount# on the phone that is receiving the alert. if you are buying the airtime on another phone number dial * 904*Amount*Mobile Number You wish to recharge#
NOTE: when creating this Zenith Bank allows you to choose a 4 digit PIN. without the pin it won’t work
To transfer money to another account from Zenith Bank account you should Dial * 966*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. * 966*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number that recieves the alert. Please follow the steps on-screen.
8 First City Monument Bank – FCMB
To use First City Monument Bank which FCMB mobile banking service you should Dial * 389*214# FCMB will send you a Welcome Message, the welcome message will display on the screen with the following informations and options
1. Activate with card (ATM CARD)
2.Activate with Account Number
3.Activate with Mwallet
* To start, you should choose or select option 2 by simply typing 2 and press send
* Then you should “Enter your account number”
* This steps is mostly done in the Bank or your can Call Contact Centre on 01-2798800. But the best way is to visit any FCMB branch in order to generate your PIN.
* The moment you got the PIN just Dial * 389*214# on the phone you use in receiving alert and click on Security, after that you should  Select Change PIN to enter the PIN you took from the Bank (that’s your default PIN) then you can now enter the new four digits PIN  known to you alone.
9 Unity Bank
the fund transfer code for Unity Bank is next, USSD mobile banking gives you the opportunity to make fund transfer from Unity bank to another or the same bank and it is very  secure and  also fast
with the number that receives alert just Simply dial * 389*215# and get started
10. Skye Bank
Technology did not pass Skye Bank by us skye bank mobile banking gives you access to secure and fast way to transfer money from Skye bank to another Skye Bank account or to another bank account.
with the helps of Skye Bank USSD mobile banking you can make payment such as bill payments, also check account balance. this is Simple just dial *833# and get started
11. Sterling Bank
That of Sterling Bank USSD fund transfer is to provides a quick and smart way of banking without stressing yourself just dial *822#:
dialing that code will get you started,so just go ahead and dial *822# on the phone number that recieves alert which is the phone number that is linked to your sterling bank account, after that follow the steps accordingly.
Note Starling Bank do not play with money transaction, so on this regard  N5 airtime will be deducted from balance and  every time you use the sterling bank USSD code N5, will be deducted from your phone.
To Complete this transaction you will need a  PIN through the USSD code. so to get your PIN visit and Sterling Bank Branch or  You can get the pin after you register for the Sterling bank *822# service.

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