Increase In fuel Price From 145 Naira To 150 Naira

Increase In fuel Price From 145 Naira To 150 Naira

The increment of fuel price has seen Nigerians complaining because the fuel price was sold for N87 per/liter, and the government said they will remove the subsidy and allow Nigerians to be buying direct. this saw the subsidy removed and the fuel price was moved from 87 naira to 145 naira per/liter. 

This is very much surprising, if the subsidy has been removed and Nigerians are buying the direct price why is the price of fuel now increased.  We are aware of the drop of price of crude oil in the international market, Our question is that if that is so will increasing the price of fuel in Nigeria? there are many questions left unanswered and many of Nigerians are waiting to get answers.

Before this Administration got into power, they said that they will reveal the price of fuel and make sure they bring it down, to N40 per/liter, saying that Nigeria have what it takes to make is so, that the People Democratic Party PDP administration has failed the country. so their campaign promise is to bring down the fuel price and other different things they promise Nigerians that is why the came up with a theme “CHANGE”. and this see most Nigeria talking about them and standing behind them and the election was conducted and the All Progressive Congress APC won.

The 2015 general Election now sees the APC administration took government from the PDP administration, so many Nigerians believe that things will get better and they hope for the batter days that will come to Nigerian. As the APC government commerce the President, President Buhari started by fighting corruption. A fight that Nigerians noticed as one sided. because it is obvious that the fight against corruption is one sided. this see the fight against corruption as fight against the People Democratic Party PDP. many where saying that if you want to fight corruption do it with a double hand not one sided

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