Senator Ordia Again -Edoko Wilson Edoko

Senator Ordia Again -Edoko Wilson Edoko

Great Leaders speak, and live by their words. They move discreetly, but the revelation of their actions become visible even to the blind!

In furtherance of the social contract the Senator signed with the people, which manifested in their resolve to send him to represent their desires and bring back the dividends of democracy, work has started in earnest and in fulfillment of some very laudable projects in Esan land as listed in item 17 of the Senator’s scorecard, which are as follows –

Esan Central ~

1. Jehovah Witness Road , Usugbenu Irrua.

2. St. Anslem Catholic Church and Agric Uromi Road.

3. Shaka Road, Eguare ,Irrua.

4. Eromonsele Market Road, Eguare, Irrua.

5. Olele Market Road, Eguare ,Irrua.

6. Eko Ewu Road, Ewu.

For those who know the noiseless tractor, they smile and rejoice because they understand his antecedents which are based purely on performance.
For those who are still in doubt, your doubts will be cleared by the time the senator is done.

Work has began this year again, just as promised.

We cannot hide the JOY of having the best performing Senator in Edo from Esan land.
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Esan Oyeeeeeee!
Senator Engr Clifford Akhimienmona Ordia (FNSE),
Edo Central Senatorial District.

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