Update of Edo Governorship Petition Tribunal APC Witness Says You Can Vote Without Accreditation

Update of Edo Governorship Petition Tribunal

You can vote without accreditation, another Obaseki’s witness misfired 
Clement ‎Obazee is the second witness  to mount the witness box today for Godwin Obaseki but he threw the Tribunal into daze when he said you don’t have to be accredited before voting. But the APC counsel had earlier caused an uproar in the Tribunal when he asked Clement obaze “was 242 not the accredited votes in your unit?, to which the witness replied “Yes”. Upon realising that he has made a blunder, he quickly sought to correct it by saint I meant to say 245 and the petitioners counsel, Emmanuel Ukala SAN opposed the correction and prayed to court to first record the response of the witness, which the court waved aside.
However, Clement Obaze’s assertion that one can vote without accreditation

I am not in a position to tick the voters register for Accreditation.

‎Osaretin Enahuna from ward 5, unit 11 of Ovia South West was told by the petitioners counsel, Roland Otaru SAN that there was no accreditation in his unit as none of the boxes were ticked for accreditation but in a quick reply, the witness said, “I am not in a position to tick the voters for accreditation” and Roland Otaru SAN quickly took the words from him and thanked him graciously. He also confirmed that, it is the position of the presiding officer to tick the boxes meant for accreditation when he was asked the second time.

He was then also asked if he wrote his name and signed the Party’s membership card tendered as evidence by the second respondent’s counsel and he said yes to the chagrin of the Tribunal.

How can you issue party membership card to yourself? Na wao. “Nothing person no go hear for this Obaseki witnesses mouth” ‎

Day 2.
The cross examination of the 6th witness, from Ovia South-west LGA took the panel of judges aback.
Otaru – It was the INEC official at your polling unit who did all the tickings?
Witness- Yes.
Otaru – Check your name on voter register, is there any ticking?
Witness- There was ticking on the right bit none on the left.
Otaru – And it was done by INEC?
Witness- Yes my Lord.
Otaru – Look at the entire voter register in front of you ,there are no tickings to the left .
Witness– If there are no tickings on the left , it’s not my fault that there wasn’t any tickings on the right , my lord
Otaru- So it was the fault of INEC.
Witness- Yes my Lord.



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