Zahra Buhari Asked Nigerians To Pray For The President to Get Better

Zahra Buhari Asked Nigerians To Pray For The President to Get Better

The question one should ask who do we believe? the government that says the president is all right or the daughter who is asking Nigerians to pray for the health of the president of NigeriaIn Nigeria things are not what it seems, many Nigerians will always say “they do not trust the government of the day” why some will say the government is filled with lies. the truth is do you blame them? for all the secrecy this administration has been keeping for the masses one would not blame them because it has been lies upon lies and no one knows the truth any more including the reporter because what they tell us we report.

We have seen the government telling us that the President of Nigeria is on vacation, and yet we all believe them, because everyone needs a vacation especially what the country has gone through over this few months, no one will blame him if the president of Nigeria goes on for a long vacation it is very good. but the question is that is the President sick? they have been some rumors saying that the president of Nigeria is not alive (though that is a Lie), the government has said that the president is very fine that he is only on a vacation that nothing is wrong with his health.

It is a good news, the last thing we need now in this country is to have another Presidential burial in less than 15years. so what is the true state of the president of Nigeria, does he need our prayers? if no that is the president is very all right. but if that is the case what is it that his daughter is saying?

Zahra Buhari a daughter to President Buhari released a shocking statement, that the president of Nigeria is not just a president but also a human, on that ground Nigerians  should pray for the president to get better in other for things to go back normal.

When our crew visited the street, many said they do not have any reason to pray because they do not know what is wrong with him. some said why will they pray for a man who is enjoying himself in London. not until the government can come out with a true statement, their lips remain sealed.

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